Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Souls Hunter Tattoo

Souls Hunter Tattoo<---Click here to buy


  1. PLease check your Emails and IM/Notecards inworld please as your gift cards are not delivering, emailed you twice also. please respond

    Snowyt (on Secondlife)

  2. Van, I've tried contacting you on a failed delivery since 6/28/13 and would appreciate a reply. I've left numerous note cards and would appreciate some professional courtesy on this matter.

    Good Day,

    Avatar Name: Doc Luckstone

  3. Great Tattoos but if your unfortunate enough to have a failed tattoo purchase with V Tattoo don't expect "Van Naimarc"(who is the owner of V tatoo) to honor any of his obligations as a professional business owner and rectify the problem ! He won't, instead he'll take the money and run which he did.

  4. Loved the work, just a shame that the shop is closed and he seems to have left SL :( Referred a friend to it once last year then this year went looking for it for someone and it was gone. Had a few of the tattoos myself though one I still use and have been using a while.

  5. Yeah looks like he ran with the money. No answers to notecards, but instead just closed his store and deleted his account.
    If you are looking for another good tattoo store (that doesn't dump their customers) then go to Etched.